Winds and Waves Workshop and the end of my residency

From Friday to Monday, Sitka Center hosted the regular annual recorder workshop Winds and Waves, taught by instructors Frances Blaker, Tish Berlin, Cléa Galhano, and me. 

The workshop started on Friday evening with the traditional Faculty concert at St Peter Lutheran Church in Lincoln City. Our program was composed of pieces by Senfl, Isaac, Bach, Biber, Van Eyck, Pete Rose, Frances Blaker (the premiere of her piece Ice and Rain and Snow!), and Jan Rokyta. 

The theme of the workshop was “German and Bohemian music”. I could take a benefit to bring something from my home country! 

This 21st Winds and Waves was energic, ecologic, relaxed and hard-working at the same time. I really enjoyed the concert and teaching great recorder students and I am grateful for this opportunity to be a part of the faculty. 

At this moment, I am enjoying the last three days before my departure (direction Washington DC). After the first three weeks full of heavy daily rain, it´s such a pleasure to run in the green nature and forest. Finally, I feel so inspired by this magic place and will definitely take home something from it. At some point, my residency was a life-changing experience. It was a real gift of time spent on my project without pressure. This “slow-down” focus allows opening the mind to new musical inspirations. 

Thanks, Sitka for all of this!