Circle Songs by Sören Sieg – performed by Jitka Konečná


Sören Sieg published 12 Circle Songs in 2020! These beautiful songs, written for one recorder player and loop station, are inspired by Lao Tzu’s Taoeteking philosophy. It is very deep and meditative music. 

It is a pleasure to hear Circle Songs played by Jitka Konečná 

Jitka is a recorder virtuoso and teacher and a founder-member of the famous Recorder Quartet iFlautisti. She is also the author of the inspiring Facebook page Recorder Inspiration.

Recently, Jitka has published an E-book about recorder modern techniques, which will be also available in English soon! 

I was honored to have Jitka as my conservatory teacher. Thank you, Jitka, for all your recorder inspiration!