Amherst Spring Break Workshop in DC…

The second Amherst Weekend Spring Break Workshop has just finished. 

About 80 musicians came this weekend to share music at the campus of George Washington University. After the last successful workshop, the participation has grown up and the instrument choice as well. Most of the participants were recorder players but also lutenists and viol players were not missing. 

This year, the main theme was English music. The TOP instructors and musicians came from all over the country to teach classes of all levels. 

I was honored to teach there an ensemble class. I have enjoyed it and the time was flying very fast. 

The program of the workshop consisted of 4 classes on Saturday, a faculty concert, networking and trying out instruments (mostly recorders) of Von Huene Workshop, a dinner, 2 classes on Sunday and a big 80-member ensemble playing on Sunday afternoon. 

You may find some photos of the workshop here.