First day in Oregon, starting my project..

I was invited to become a recorder resident at Sitka Center for Art and Ecology in Otis, OR. 

The residency is for 6 weeks. At the end of the residency, I’ll teach at Winds and Waves recorder workshop with Frances Blaker, Tish Berlin, and Cléa Galhano. 

During my stay at Sitka, I will be working on my project named The Flute’s Pleasure Garden. As this name indicates, the project will be focused on Jacob van Eyck’s variations with an extension of invented variations to the melodies of the area of my country. 

Now it is my first day at Sitka. I am recovering from a long trip from Washington DC, adapting to local nature and starting to work. 

The first impression is that this area is absolutely amazing. Rainy, foggy, a bit chilly and the countryside is rich and wild. It’s an ideal place for hiking. 

Sitka Center itself is a center for all kinds of artists residing there for a certain period. They are usually writers, painters, photographers, musicians, or visual artists. This establishment provides them all the comfort needed for the work. I am impressed by my studio apartment, fully furnished with love. Each artist has also a studio to fulfill his project. Plus, some hiking trips and shared meals are held regularly. 

What more can an artist desire?