Amherst 2019

I have participated in the Amherst Early music festival for the second year in a row! 

The festival is held for two weeks and each of them is different. The first week is more focused on late baroque (there´s a big opera project happening every year), while the second week is more about renaissance. The theme for this year was Italian music. 

This time in the second week, in the program Recorder Virtuoso. The teachers were Heloise Degrugillier, Alison Melville, and Gwyn Roberts, and Bart Spanhove. 

I was honored to be in the class with four amazing people and musicians: Peter Lim, Michael J. Raymond, Sara Shoja, and Matilde Sundaram. It was a pleasure to spend all week with them, as well as with the wonderful teachers. 

Some extracts of our week work: Video 1, 2, 3, 4

 Our class and teachers

The highlight of the festival was also the evening program: concerts. The absolute stunning performances were Extravagant pretentions by Martin Bernstein and his colleagues, and So Sweet Are My Returns (Saskia Coleen, Bart Spanhove, Xavier Diaz-Latorre). 

Many thanks to the organizers (as well as the participants) for this wonderful experience. I wish to come back the next year.